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Thriller based on true mystery

Posted on November 27 2017 at 2:32:19


A bizarre-but-true mystery has provided the inspiration for a villager’s debut novel.

Alvechurch optician David Mason came across the legend of “The Buzzer” by chance, and was so enthused that he began researching it further – and eventually his notes became a book.

“The Buzzer”, which also provides the title of the novel, is a mysterious short-wave radio transmission from a Russian station.

Every other second since the 1970s, the station has emitted a buzzing noise – but every few months, the buzzing is interrupted by a voice saying “U-V-B-7-6” plus a series of numbers and words.

“Nobody knows who is transmitting or why,” says David. “Russia denies all knowledge, so there are loads of theories: maybe it’s a weather communication, a message for spies, or even something to do with a nuclear launch.”

He learned that in 2004 the signal was discovered to be coming from a former military base in remote part of Russia, but since then has moved to other locations.

“A group of urban explorers visited the base and apparently it had been abandoned in a hurry – it was full of tunnels and broadcast equipment,” adds David.

He has based part of his book on this information, and added fictional elements to create a thriller.

After taking advice from online writers’ forums, David sent the draft to agents and publishers, and was offered a contract by The Book Guild.

The Buzzer is available via Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition, and in Waterstones and Foyles bookshops, and is even being sold on Amazon in Canada, Portugal and Estonia.

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