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Time for action at Marlbrook Tip

Posted on October 23 2012 at 1:06:56

Bromsgrove District Council is to take action against the owner of Marlbrook Tip, a public meeting in Lickey heard.

More than 100 people were told that a notice was to be served over a breach of environmental conditions and a planning enforcement notice was being drawn up.

Ruth Bamford, Head of Planning, said: “We want to immediately move to serve a breach of conditions notice relating to the lack of environmental monitoring issues and also a planning enforcement notice regarding a range of issues.”

The planning notice would be drawn up when she had all the information she needed, probably in mid-December.

Ms Bamford also said a golf consultant had examined the owner’s claim that he plans to build a nine-hole golf course on the site. His report had shown this to be a “pipe dream”.

The council has been trying to resolve the problems caused by the over-tipping of more than a million cubic metres of waste on the site in the foothills of the Lickeys.

Ms Bamford confirmed to the meeting that if the site owner complied with all of the conditions contained in a planning enforcement notice, he would in effect be given retrospective planning permission for the over-tipping.

Coun John Ruck, the meeting chairman, said he wanted to avoid creating a “forum for chatter” and there wouldn’t be another meeting until the council had “something to say”.

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