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Traffic-calming for Alvechurch

Posted on November 20 2008 at 1:49:46

Traffic -calming measures are finally set to be installed at the southern gateway to Alvechurch village in January, according the George Lord, leader of Worcestershire County Council and the Alvechurch ward councillor.

The work, including a central reservation to slow down traffic before the bends into the village, have been promised for many months.

Coun Lord also said a pedestrian crossing is to be installed in Bordesley on the busy A441 near the new bus shelter. It had previously been thought this would be unfeasible, but Coun Lord said highways chief Jon Fraser had agreed it was a suitable site.

Coun Lord also said traffic passing down the A441 before the other end of the Alvechurch bypass at Hopwood was being looked at. One idea discussed at a meeting with Hopwood residents was to introduce “gateway” furniture and signage along with hatching on the road to make motorists aware they were passing through a village and to show consideration.

This would be even more important as young families moved into the affordable homes being built at Hopwood.

* Alvechurch Parish Council has installed a box in the new Bordesley bus shelter where residents can pick up copies of the council’s latest newsletters.

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