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Welcome to Hopwood International Airport!

Posted on December 09 2009 at 8:04:53

AS IF HOPWOOD didn’t have enough to cope with . . .  the hamlet that already lives with a rendering plant, plastic chimneys on affordable homes and a main road splitting it in two is now the site of what has been called “Hopwood International Airport.”
The matter was raised by Alvechurch Parish Councillor Debbie Brown at its monthly meeting. She said the experience of small aircraft coming in to land was “pretty scary” and there was even a “hangar” in the field.
One resident, who dubbed it “Hopwood International”, said the flightpath was over the end of his garden and he feared what would happen if the pilot misjudged his approach.
Bromsgrove District Council leader Roger Hollingworth said planning officers had “had a word with” those using the field as a landing strip.

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