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50 years and no ghosts!

Posted on January 22 2007 at 10:55:10

I read the article in the November issue of The Village entitled Ghostly terror down the lane.

I have lived at the top of the alleyway between Staple Flats and the Old Birmingham Road for more than 50 years and our family came here in 1850.

You call the area Lickey End; in reality its correct name is Staple Hill. Staple Flats runs from it.

To confuse things even more, for the purposes of the Parish Council it has been renamed South Marlbrook with four Parish Councillors.

On the 1844 Ordnance Survey map the cart track the author mentions is shown as a footpath which continues to the new Birmingham Road (A38) then on to Catshill. It was used by farm labourers to get to Staple Farm, which is the farm she mentions.

The author of your article then mentions the Round Wood. This is really called the Round Hill Wood.

I have walked the Staple Hill area, man and boy, and have never seen anything out of the ordinary – only courting couples, but that’s another story.

W Malcolm, Bromsgrove

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