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A few bright ideas

Posted on March 21 2007 at 2:50:39

I read your article about there being no Alve­church Alight, which is a shame really – I wasn’t a massive fan of it, but it got the village up and doing something.

Being in the engineering field, I was thinking that rather than coming up with something new, we should build on what we have – so we have a lantern workshop, which the kids can do, then the procession for everyone, and adults can go to the pub. What if we bring everyone together?

Or we can say” “OK, the procession is good, we like the different events, but it’s cold, so let’s do it in summer” . . . little things like that?

And we need a bigger spark to it (excuse the pun) so people want to have a go, or watch because they don’t know what to expect from it.

Ben Harper, Alvechurch

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