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A parking pass too far

Posted on March 26 2006 at 9:30:52

Bromsgrove town centre is looking more and more shabby and neglected, ever more shops and businesses closing down, on-street parking reaching epidemic proportions, a very expensive but underused multi-storey car park – and the people who run our district council are trying to squeeze even more money out of car parking.

Is this madness or maybe the present administration writhing in its death throes before they are finally rejected by the electorate at next year’s full council elections.

While all of us in Bromsgrove suffer from burdensome parking charges, not levied as heavily by neighbouring towns, I sometimes wonder whether even Asda might reconsider its position in the town as it labours against unfair odds with other local supermarkets that can offer free car parking facilities.

As a Concession Parking Pass holder I feel I must add a few words on the subject. I use my pass on average probably about a dozen times a month; this includes taking my 91-year-old mother to do her shop at Asda once a fortnight.

Having lived in Bromsgrove for 40 years I do try and do as much of my shopping as I can in the town to support local traders, and I can only say that I was at least surprised, almost embarrassed to learn that my Pass is such a financial burden on the town’s monetary resources.

However, I suspect Councillor Sherrey’s report that it costs £15 to process a pass is in fact a good indicator of a far more fundamental and deep-rooted problem in the way our Council conducts its business.

In conclusion I would like to say that I suspect, like many others, should the £30 Concessionary Parking Pass become a reality I will not be renewing mine, which will, I fear, inevitably influence where I shop in the future.

However, at my own expense I will have my old pass framed, so that hopefully after next April’s elections Councillor Sherrey will be able to hang it on her wall as a memento of the time she spent serving the people of Bromsgrove.

David L Pardoe
Supporter Independent Group
Bromsgrove District Council

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