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Bonfires haven’t killed me yet . . .

Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:29:04

According to Mr Ridarta of Cofton Hackett (Bonfires have the potential to kill, April 2019) I guess I should feel exceedingly lucky to be alive.

He doesn’t give his age but I’m guessing he’s too young to have been around at the end of WWII when the country was struggling to get back on its feet and everyone was still growing their own vegetables.

I vividly remember every Sunday morning most people would be out in their gardens, and one of the first actions would be to light a bonfire, usually starting about 7am. This would be kept going as long as the gardening was taking place.

The smell of wood smoke always brings back such happy memories and if I’m out in the car and drive into a cloud of it I always wind down the windows just to bring back all those treasures.

Incidentally, washing was never hung out on a Sunday.

John Holland, via email

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