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Burcot homes plan will change village life

Posted on October 29 2019 at 10:16:58

It is sad to learn that the beautiful hamlet of Burcot is being forced to accept a new housing development on the garden centre site.

Burcot currently comprises 87 houses, and the new application is for 12 homes – constituting a 14 per cent increase in the size of the hamlet.

Successive applications have seen the number increase from six to eight, then from 11 to 12. Surely this impact, next to three listed dwellings, should not be allowed?

In addition, the residents and wider community will have to live with the loss of the garden centre as an amenity with opportunities for socialising.

Meanwhile, it seems that our Green Belt is no longer safe or sacred, thanks to the ridiculously high targets for building new homes. Green Belt and rural areas have a high population of wildlife and insects that are essential to our planet.

Mrs Hibbert, Alvechurch

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