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Communication at last?

Posted on March 20 2007 at 2:44:39

I do so agree with Coun Hollingsworth’s views on what should happen between the councils (The Village, February 2007).

For too many years the Parish Council has asked the villagers what they want for their village. The Parish Council then pass this on to the District Council – the District Council ignores them.

The District Council tells the County Council what they “think” we need – the County Council ignores them. The County Council then goes ahead with what they “think” we need. Surely this is not democratic!

Alvechurch villagers were asked in September 2004 what they would like to see on the old school site; we are all convinced it will be housing, but would like it to be for sheltered accommodation and affordable homes for young people. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

Whilst writing, obviously the District Council knows all about global warming, hence recycling, but hasn’t yet realised this also means grass grows all year round and has to be cut even through the winter.

The shrubs have to be cut back in February and March, weeding goes on all year, and not everything can be composted, so some of us need our green bins emptied before April. Could they please reconsider this time lapse?

Mrs Lillian Willis, Alvechurch

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