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Councillor comments ‘a bit rich’

Posted on April 19 2008 at 2:16:17

I find the comments of Councillor Hollingworth, on the Arrow Valley development, a bit rich when you consider the lack of or, at the most, the very tepid support the residents of Hopwood had from both him and the Bromsgrove MP Julie Kirkbride in our battle to protect the local environment.

They both sat very squarely on the fence, giving the occasional lip service to our expressions of concern about the unsustainable development in our hamlet and the various knock-on effects it could or would have.

But now that it involves Beoley and Rowney Green, perhaps they will both be more vocal in their opposition to this, possible, further attempt by this Government and its unelected bodies to destroy our countryside.

It may be of some comfort to them to know that we in Hopwood will give our wholehearted support to them, in resisting this awful plan.

Peter Higgins, Hopwood

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