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Danger in the modern world

Posted on January 20 2007 at 10:53:10

Firstly, may I say “thank you” for your gift of a great little magazine (The Village) which I receive at my home each month.

May I also congratulate you on the way in which it is presented. It has everything from advertisements, articles of interest, short stories and at times short pieces of poetry.

In your November issue I was particularly taken with the piece of verse on page 11, entitled Traffic has no rhyme or reason, by Lynn Royle of Alvechurch, and submit a small effort of my own.

Taking Care
Children playing in the park.
Unaware of any danger.
Their laughter rises on the air.
To the ears of a passing stranger.
Be careful precious little child,
Stay close to those you know.
Do not hold the hand of someone,
with eyes as cold as snow.
Be on your guard as you play your games.
Be wary of the car with the open door,
and the smiling face,
That you’ve never seen before
And if the stranger calls your name,
pretend you have not heard,
Do not smile back, just turn away, don’t utter any word.
Then run dear child, and do not stop
until you’ve reached your home.
Run safely to your Mother’s arms,
and tell her what’s been done.
Young children please be careful,
and learn to take more care.
For you never know what danger lies
From the stranger waiting there.

Breda Carberry

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