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Doggone lucky

Posted on February 01 2015 at 11:35:24

My dog recently chased a deer across the field, jumped the fence and on to the railway line, just as the 16.05 from Redditch was approaching. She survived, but how we have no idea.

I heard the train brake and sound his horn. I managed with difficulty to climb over the fence, cutting myself in the process.

Calling and calling, fully expecting to see a huge mess, I saw her coming towards me. She was covered in blood, but walking.

I just managed to catch her and drag her off the line as the next train went by. She was lucky to get away with just two black eyes and a V-shaped scar on her face.

Please check fences if you live near the railway. Not all dogs are as lucky as Kahlua, our German Shepherd.

Cheryl Godfrey, by email

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