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High speeds are not acceptable

Posted on May 30 2016 at 11:59:51

Your correspondent Michael Lewis is right about speeding, with folk flooring their cars in order to get to work on time.

It’s not acceptable that they can blast up and down in cars or super bikes doing speeds of up to 65mph while people are walking children to and from nursery or school.

The long and short of this dilemma is that fast city people seem to think we are in the wrong for living life at a slow pace.

So how do we overcome the problem that folk are leaving and entering the village doing excessive speeds, some as much as 60mph in Swan Street?

In fact, the speeding problem and all the other problems such as thieves breaking into dwellings or stealing tools from vans in the depth of night, never used to happen when the local bobby lived in the proper police station at the bottom of Tanyard Lane.

He was the man who kept the peace at night and first thing in the morning, armed with only a copper’s intuition – a fab deterrent and a very brave man indeed, with only a telephone box to run to for backup.

He knew all the burglars and offenders who would disturb the peace – they must have played cat and mouse with him, but the only problem for them was that the cat would always catch the mouse!

But he was transferred and his Alamo was sold. I think the powers that be sold the police house – a silly move!

Tommy Molloy, Alvechurch

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