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Homes horror

Posted on April 16 2008 at 2:12:17

I just wanted to register my horror at the prospect of building so many homes in this Green Belt.

Part of my horror is at the thought of joining Alvechurch and Redditch in this way. There needs to be clear open country between these two towns.

Recent flooding has already shown how unwise it is to build too many houses in one area, not allowing rainwater to soak away as it has traditionally.

We do not need another Birmingham. People choose to live in this area because it is rural. They do not want to be joined up and urban.

Surely there is sufficient housing being built on the Longbridge sites? We just don’t need more. If there is to be a cap on immigration as has been suggested then we shouldn’t need so much additional housing anyway?

The other part of my horror is at the principle that the Government can just ride roughshod over Green Belt agreements. What is the point of having these agreements if the Government can just step in and change them?

I heartily disagree with any attempts to build on Green Belt anywhere – especially on such a huge scale.

Ailsa Bell, by email

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