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Horses were here first

Posted on October 23 2007 at 3:28:20

Regarding Mr “disgruntled tax payer”, perhaps remind him that horses and riders were using the roads long before cars ever were.

And anyway, I always manage to avoid any horse dung when driving – maybe I just have better judgment on avoiding obstacles?!

As for “who wants to plod along country roads at 0.5 miles an hours anyway?” – pretty narrow minded;  it’s equally as enjoyable as riding a bike along a lane. What’s the rush?

Would he be as objectionable if there were as many bike riders?

I hope he’s not one of these who also whinges about tractors being on the roads which they need to do to get from field to field for their farming, and thinks cars are the only mode of transport which should be on the road.

Jane, Kings Norton

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