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‘Junk mail’ proves useful

Posted on January 21 2007 at 10:52:10

I have just moved up from Yeovil to the Oakalls and have never had so much junk mail through my door in my life. Then I actually read one – your The Village publication.

After finally managing to get out of teaching, I find that I do miss meeting lots of people. Your magazine is exactly what I am after.

I need to get out-and-about in my new habitat. The big papers cover the big events well, but I want to know what is happening in school halls, sports centres and village or church halls all around the area – and that’s a lot of phoning around.

Thanks again for The Village and maybe sometime soon I’ll be back to my ballroom/latin, salsa, cycling, jujitsu and so on.                           

Andy, Bromsgrove

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