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Let’s banish these fences from village

Posted on August 19 2008 at 1:33:30

I would like to applaud Susan Whitehand for raising the problem of urbanisation of rural roads around Barnt Green (‘Hold on to village life’, July/August 2008).

She is right to identify the worst offence being caused by people moving in and erecting solid fences around their properties.

I have lived in Barnt Green for 70 years and this has only started happening in recent years after one resident did it and the council did not take any action.

As well as being out of place, these fences create a real hazard in the winter when passing vehicles hit the many potholes in our roads and water splashes across the pavement.

This water would fall safely through a hedge, but it splashes off a fence on to the footpath where it freezes and makes walking treacherous.

I have spoken to the council about this, but they are not interested even though they should stop it because these fences do not fit into our environment.

I would love to see something done to get away from this backyard mentality and to promote hedgerows and make the area a pleasant place to walk.

Joan Baker, Barnt Green

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