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Motocross a glorious event

Posted on October 22 2007 at 1:28:18

With regards to the motocross event held in Hopwood, can I express my concern as to how and why such a glorious family event was prevented from becoming a regular event in our fair county.

It provided excitement and gave fans of motorsport an opportunity to indulge without incurring excessive travelling expenses.

Now let’s see what has been achieved by Councillors Luck and Hollingworth:

1. Farming – difficult time, need to diversify identified as a means to survival: Denied.
2. Putting Hopwood on the map: Denied.
3. Family outdoor entertainment: Denied.
4. Constructive activities for teens: Denied.
5. New industry for the area: Denied.

Thanks again for the death of new enterprise in our county!

Disillusioned Hopwood resident

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