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No regrets over Brexit and Trump

Posted on January 30 2017 at 12:22:08

You will not be surprised to receive a response to the comment in the Village View in your January issue.

It touched on the electorate’s “no” to staying part of the EU on June 23, by mentioning: “the disarray caused by the UK’s anti-Europe vote.” 

This should have read: “anti-EU vote”, as the majority are not anti-Europe, just anti-EU, and the two are not synonymous.

The paragraph followed up with: “the imminent arrival of a disruptive figure in the White House”, mischievously implying that the American electorate’s democratic decision was wrong.

We will always be part of Europe and its rich heritage, but we will leave the EU, and it is unlikely that the US will have cause to regret its choice of President.

Peter McHugh, Alvechurch

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