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Path has turned into quagmire

Posted on October 29 2019 at 10:18:58

Despite the wet weather, my husband and I and our two 11-year-old Labradors set out on a fairly regular walk route from our home in Barnt Green, on to the path behind the Sports Club in Margesson Drive.

We followed the route to Bittell Road as we have done for years and years.

Well, we were met with a sea of deep, thick wet mud and a solidly-built wooden fence and stile in place of the gate which had been there for longer than I can remember.

The footplate of the new stile is above knee height and the upright posts are too far apart to provide any support or leverage. The gap under the new stile is reduced by the siting of a low rail making it almost impossible for larger, older dogs to get through.

It is awful. . . it makes this route far too difficult for anyone who isn’t athletic, added to which the ground and drainage have been destroyed, turning it into a quagmire. No doubt it all cost a fortune to ruin this popular local route!

Please can you draw attention to this and hopefully notify those responsible.

Cath Hawthorne, Barnt Green

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