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Praise for village illuminations

Posted on January 29 2020 at 3:19:32

Barnt Green village after dark is usually fairly gloomy – the street lighting being far from satisfactory – especially compared with the adjacent rail station.

So it was great to see the Christmas Illuminations go up on the shops and the park in the high street, courtesy of the parish council, I believe.

Well done to them – maybe these illuminations could be extended to cover all the shops down to Acorns in future, to make it even more inclusive.

These illuminations have been an annual event for some years but I think that there was an increase this time in the number of houses in the village with festive lighting.

My impression is that many – if not most – roads had lights for people to enjoy, with some, like Bittell Lane, where the majority had lights. Very well done!

Should this lighting be encouraged and possibly used as a focus for charity fundraising? We might not be able to match the amazing display in the garden at the top of Twatling Road, but it does show the village in a good “light” for Christmas and the New Year.

The illuminations this year have been widely enjoyed and much appreciated.

Brian Osborn, via email

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