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Precept didn’t cause a stir

Posted on May 26 2006 at 11:00:35

Coun Psirides does not appear to be well informed (Village Views, May 2006).

He is not a resident of Barnt Green but he states: “The residents of Barnt Green deserve an explanation…” in relation to the amount of the parish precept.

Consider the following:- The parish council budgets were drafted in September 2005.

The drafts, including the percentage increase, were publicised and the residents were invited to attend the November meeting at which they were to be debated and approved.

Residents were invited to communicate comments by email or telephone.

A special drop-in surgery was set up on a Saturday in October to discuss the precept. A further special meeting was held in January 2006 to enable questions to be fully discussed and answered.

All of this was fully publicised in the regular newsletters which are hand-delivered to every house in the parish and are available at local shops.

Unlike other councillors, parish councillors do not get paid for their hard work for the community, yet it would be difficult on any day in the parish not to bump into a councillor and have the opportunity to talk to them.

After Coun Psirides’ letter appeared in the local press, the Annual Parish Meeting was held. Not one question was asked on the precept, the parishioners preferring to concentrate on their ideas for improving the village.

Fortunately most councillors are more supportive than Coun Psirides. 

C J Buckett, Barnt  Green

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