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Posted on August 19 2013 at 11:23:47

In response to Ms de Souza’s letter “The toll of time” in the July/August magazine, I remember my grandmother mentioning her great great grandfather Austin Gwynne, as my grandfather also rang the church bells and was a member of the hand bell group.

My grandfather was Albert Turner, better known as “Barter Turner”, and he would only eat my grandmother’s cooking, so when the hand bell group visited all the big houses at Christmas time to entertain guests he would return home a little the worse for wear as they were all given a hospitality drink, with his pockets full of mushed up mince pies that he wouldn’t eat as granny hadn’t made them. 

The hand bell group were also often in attendance for other events such as weddings and one of my cousins still has the hand- embroidered bag that they used to collect donations.

The last time I went up into the bell tower there was a photograph on the wall of the bell ringers of my grandfather’s era that included Austin.

If I remember correctly, Austin was also one of my grandfather’s verbal sparring partners as I believe Barter was quite opinionated.

Linda Waldron, Alvechurch

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