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Posted on August 18 2013 at 11:24:47

It was very interesting to read the letter from Natasha Da Souza (“The toll of time”, Village July/Aug 2013).

I have been a local for more than 60 years, most of my life having been spent in various addresses in Swan Street, being brought up by mother and father, Ivy and Harold Link, and living together as a happy family along with my eldest brother Michael.

I attended the primary school in School Lane until the age of 10. It was of course obvious that by then we were in a small community and therefore knew a lot of families.

I joined the choir of St Laurence Church when I was a seven-year-old lad and enjoyed it immensely. I remained there for seven years until my voice broke.

I remember Natasha’s great grandfather, Austin Gwynne, very well and have fond memories of all the then members of the choir.

There was one unfortunate occurrence on a Sunday evening in the choir vestry when we were all ready to enter the church for evensong, when an elderly man who was coughing as he sat in the vestry sadly passed away.

His name was Mr Merryfield, who I believe was a neighbour of Austin Gwynne, who lived in a small cottage on Bear Hill.

Natasha, I hope you have enjoyed this small article – please feel free to contact me via The Village if you wish.

Meanwhile, may I convey to you and your family my very best wishes for now and the future.

Patrick Link (known as Bill)

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