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Shoppers won’t use car park

Posted on October 16 2011 at 11:20:28

Your report that using a piece of land to provide parking in Linehouse Lane, Marlbrook, to ease the dangerous parking outside Tesco is, I regret, a waste of money, whether it be council tax payers or Tesco who pay for the work.

Inconsiderate drivers who frequently park on the double yellow lines will continue to do so as it will inconvenience them to cross the road, evidenced by the fact that they do not use the, albeit, small car park at the side of Tesco even when it is empty.  

A car park near the corner on Linehouse Lane will create additional traffic and an extra junction at this very busy crossroads (this would make six junctions which includes Tesco car park entrance, seven if you include nearby Cottage Lane).  

The fast traffic on the Old Birmingham Road adds to the difficulties as well as creating dangers for any car park users as they attempt to cross the road to shop.

I am sure most people who live on the Linehouse Lane side would confirm that crossing on foot or by car is a very difficult and dangerous activity – I have to do this regularly and it is not pleasant as the view to the right of the Linehouse Lane junction is limited due to the bend in Old Birmingham Road, frequent fast traffic and regular but occasional parking of delivery lorries to the left.  

At the Braces Lane junction the view to the right can be inhibited by the bend in the road and to the left, frequently by parked cars/vans/lorries.  

On a few occasions I have found it necessary to pull out of Braces Lane to get a view of traffic approaching from the left only to be placed in an extremely vulnerable position as the lorry/van or large four-wheel-drive pulls away from the kerb.

I think John Ruck, although well-intentioned, should think again.

Janet Carpenter, Lickey Rock

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