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Smart way to keep criminals at bay

Posted on October 15 2008 at 12:13:22

Smartwater is arriving in Barnt Green and criminals hate it because it has already put 500 of them in prison up and down the country and scared many others off “doing a job”.

Residents are already learning about Smartwater – many have received information sheets from their Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators, some have already received supplies of the high-tech fluid.

Stickers are going up advertising the fact and street signs describing Barnt Green as a “Neighbourhood Watch and Smartwater area” are going up. Larger signs will appear on main roads leading into the village and elsewhere in the Bromsgrove district.

West Mercia Police, working through Neighbourhood Watch and with support from Barnt Green Parish Council, are widely promoting Smartwater because they know of its success in deterring burglars and providing good forensic evidence for use in court.

In some parts of the country it has reduced the rate of burglary by as much as 80 per cent and has provided evidence in 500 successfully prosecuted cases.

A tiny spot of this colourless, harmless fluid is almost impossible to remove from clothing or shoes, or from any sort of household object on which it has been dabbed.
It will stay there for many years, ready to transfer itself to the hands or clothing of a thief or his “fence”.

Every phial of the liquid sold is uniquely specific, like a person’s DNA. Two and a half billion variants are available and every phial can be registered as uniquely belonging to a single person and address so stolen goods can be traced back to their rightful owners.

A tiny speck of the fluid will glow under ultra-violet light in a police station, where criminals are learning all about it and are rightly growing scared of it.

The Smartwater signs put them off, afraid of the risks. Smartwater sends them to prison.

The fluid and its information pack can be bought only from a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and it is then registered with the makers by the police. The more Smartwater signs, the greater the villain’s fear.

So if you don’t have a co-ordinator in your road, why not become one yourself and do a bit of good for your neighbours? Go Smartwater.

Edmund Marshall, Barnt Green
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

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