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‘Solution’ would make rat run worse

Posted on October 24 2013 at 11:08:22

In reply to “Rat Run Solution” (Village Views, October 2013), has KD, Oakalls, ever considered that if the slip road off the Redditch highway is closed that more traffic will need to use Regents Park Road through the Oakalls?

In my experience, any hold-ups on the highway result in traffic leaving the highway via this slip road and using Alcester Road to get to the bypass through Aston Fields.

The Alcester Road is currently being used by Oakalls traffic, at speed, to ferry children to schools at Aston Fields and South Bromsgrove High School.

This smacks of a rat run; why don’t Oakalls drivers join the bypass and take their children that way, which is what you’re proposing others do in your letter.

Share the traffic, KD!

R, Finstall 

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