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Spend on signage, not traffic-calming

Posted on June 27 2016 at 10:48:26

May I draw attention to a parallel between two items in your June 2016 issue?

Page 12: “although this is a built-up area there are no speed signs”

Page 19. “One driver… apologised and said he hadn’t noticed the 30mph signs”

We need to put pressure on the authority to make sure that signs are erected and visible.

My own view is that if some of the money spent on speed bumps, flashing signs and so on were spent on putting ordinary “30” signs at frequent intervals and keeping them clearly visible, many of the offending drivers would slow down.

There are of course also the serious and deliberate offenders who would be deprived of an excuse and need to be dealt with by the police.

Part of the problem is the legal fiction that what constitutes a built-up area must be obvious and there is therefore no compulsion for the authority to erect such signs.

Andrew Turner, Marlbrook  

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