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Thanks to the ‘snowmen’

Posted on March 21 2007 at 2:45:39

On the afternoon of Friday February 9, I, like many others, got caught out by the “unexpected second snowstorm” of the week.

My BMW was struggling with the ground conditions on the flat roads, never mind the hills. But I took my time and persevered and arrived home in Barnt Green some two hours and 20 mins after leaving my office in Solihull.

However, I was lucky, very lucky, because if it had not been for a group of willing, wet and weary men and women, who were trying to help drivers get their vehicles up the hill and over the hump back bridge on Bittell Road, then many of us would have been many hours longer and probably had to abandon our cars.

I do not know who they were, but five or six of them threw down old blankets under my rear wheels, pushed and cajoled my BMW slowly up the last 15 metres of the incline and cheered as the tyres finally gripped sufficiently for me to gather pace and drive over the brow.

The hurled “thank you” over my shoulder through the open window was probably drowned my the roar of the over-revved engine and the sliding of the tyres – so hopefully if you can print this short letter I would like to say a real big thank you to that group of very helpful “snowmen”.

Allan J Venables, Barnt Green

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