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Posted on October 22 2013 at 11:10:22

With reference to the letter from KD regarding the increased use of traffic on Regents Park Road, I agree with the conclusion that the exit from the Redditch highway should be closed.

Regents Park Road is facing increased traffic from the Highway, Finstall/Aston Fields and from the Oakalls estate itself.

All types of traffic are involved, including large commercial vehicles, even tankers, either coming from the Highway as a short cut or going to and from Finstall.
There is also a speeding problem despite a single speed hump, which, since it was smoothed out, has reduced effect.

It is becoming a dangerous road for children, running as it does through a large housing estate and something needs to be done to at least reduce risks involved.

There are minor benefits to keeping the Highway exit open. Access to Finstall can always be reached either through the Slideslow roundabout or better still from Tardebigge. 

As an add-on what about a 20mph limit, with suitable enforcement, on the whole estate?

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