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The small birds are here!

Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:33:49

Richard Page wants to know where the small birds are (Village Views, January 2019).

There has never been a shortage of small birds in Alvechurch. We have always had a variety of birds visiting our garden, regardless of cats, dogs and children. 

They are brave and come right on to the patio while we are sat there. The birds have nested in our hedges and bushes for years. And it has been a joy to watch young birds fledge.

We seem to have lost a lot of the birds over the last year, only to be visited by pigeons and magpies. But let us remember that they are all God’s creatures and should be welcomed!

May I suggest that with the disruption caused by alterations you have done in your garden, you should give the birds time to return. Also, if you have removed hedges, you have removed prospective homes for small birds.

Kay and Alf, Alvechurch

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