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Posted on February 19 2013 at 1:45:00

What’s not to like? An efficient, regular, more frequent rail service from our villages into the heart of England’s second city – and a nice new station, to boot?

How many of us have waited, in vain, for the next train from Alvechurch to get us to work on time, only for the one after that to be cancelled as well?

Others must surely have suffered the Longbridge letdown, when you think your train will glide you warmly all the way back to Barnt Green or Alvechurch, only to be told it’s too long to stop safely at Alvechurch station so you’ve got to get off. When it’s the last train, it’s a very long walk home.

So the £20 million rail enhancement scheme aiming to bring three trains an hour in each direction by some time next year is very welcome. It will make rail commuting from our villages a much happier experience, rather than one filled with hit-and-miss arrivals and apologies to the boss.

From Bordesley to Rowney Green, from Tardebigge to Blackwell, parking at Alvechurch and hopping on the train to work will become an attractive option.

Only there will be nowhere to park.

Unless Network Rail pulls a rabbit out of the hat during the planning process this month, enhanced car parking is just not its concern.

It’s not that they don’t know it is needed – Alvechurch parish councillors have been telling them for many months – but still, it’s not happening.

There is currently not even a proposal to sort out drainage problems at the current car park where, as any rail user will know, half of the car park can’t be used for half the year unless you’re wearing waders.

The omission of enhanced car parking from the plans can only be about money, but it is essential for the plans to go ahead.

Just imagine the scenes on Station Road, Latimer Road and roads in an increasingly wide radius as more rail users flow in from the thousands of new homes we may be getting on the fringe our area.

And when they can’t park in Alvechurch, they’ll drive a little closer to Birmingham and clog up Barnt Green even more than it is already.

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