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Posted on August 21 2013 at 11:28:48

The latest village housing estate to get the go-ahead, bar sorting out the final details, almost passed without mention.

Since the tap was turned back on after years of a building moratorium across Bromsgrove district, villagers now appear to have grown weary of raising a protest over the next green field to be filled with houses.

But with the 25 new homes in line for approval for the site at the corner of Birmingham Road and Old Rectory Lane, Alvechurch is now pretty much full up.

We could go on, and on, but objections to this constant assault on our villages are perhaps best put in the words of two villagers who cared enough to write to the planning committee to voice their concerns about the latest estate.

Their views probably didn’t count for much when Bromsgrove councillors came to their decision, but we believe they should be heard more widely as they represent a growing view.

The first said: “After working hard all our lives, upon retirement we decided to move to Alvechurch for its semi-rural location and friendly, peaceful atmosphere.

“However we feel the village character and our enjoyment of the area are now being destroyed by the constant building of new homes.

“My daughter, also an Alvechurch resident, struggled to get her son into the local nursery due to a shortage of spaces and if I need to see a doctor, a week’s notice is required.

“Surely this proves that Alvechurch does not need and cannot cope with another housing development.”

Another villager wrote: “After the two recent large developments in Alvechurch, I do not believe a third is warranted. Already the local school and services (doctor and dentist) are bursting at the seams.

“I moved to Alvechurch around 10 years ago for the rural, relaxed character of the village. This character is now being destroyed by the constant building of inferior new homes. Why should my quality of life be sacrificed for the sake of some property developer’s profit?”

Meanwhile, the Government covers up its disregard for the people of this country with the flannel it calls “localism”.

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