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Posted on February 01 2015 at 11:38:46

Difficult decisions are by definition unpopular with at least one group of people, and Alvechurch Parish Council’s decision to withdraw support for proposals which included building on village Green Belt land is no exception.

The councillors, like our correspondent on the page opposite, could see the potential benefits to sporting facilities in the village of the planned retirement complex, but felt that maintaining consistent support for the Green Belt was more important. This was the right decision.

Our correspondent now promises to maintain pressure on the parish to improve facilities at The Meadows, which is a laudable aim. Communities wouldn’t exist without people who are passionate about where they live, and especially in providing activities for young people.

There will soon be opportunities for people across The Village area to influence the activities of their local councils – from the inside.

While the national election campaign is already well under way, the May elections also offer people the chance to stand in parish elections.

We know already of at least three Alvechurch parish councillors who are not planning to stand again, so there are likely to be openings there (perhaps our correspondent might like to try this route?).

It is likely to be a similar story across the area; parish councils often have to “co-opt” members – invite them to join without being elected – because insufficient numbers of people stand for election.

It might sound like a thankless task, and one that is difficult to fulfil in these times of both parents working full-out, full-time, but it can be rewarding to work as part of a team to maintain and build your community.

Fortunately, party politics plays little part at the parish level, but it’s a different story at district level, where all of Bromsgrove’s council seats are also up for election on May 7, with political parties fighting it out. This commonly leads to complaints that anyone wearing a blue rosette around here will get a tick by their name.

So this time, it would be fantastic to see some really enthusiastic independent candidates standing in The Village district wards, people who are passionate about their communities and not some political colour, people who want to communicate fully with those they represent and can use all of the modern media to achieve this.

We would encourage anyone planning to do this to get in touch with us and, in the interests of democracy, we will do our best to let voters know more about them in our “old media” over the coming months.

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