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Posted on March 30 2019 at 1:09:44

The local elections fall at an awkward time for this magazine: we have to go to press with this issue before the deadline for nominations, while the elections themselves are to be held on May 2, within a couple of days of our next issue landing on doormats.

Naturally, we don’t want to miss our chance to have a say, so we’ll be having two bites at this political cherry – one now, and one next month, which we hope many people will get to read as they head to the polling stations.

And when we say “political” we mean this very much with a small “p”. No party politics, please.

Regular readers will know we have welcomed the breath of fresh, independent air that has blown through district and county government around here.

Villagers have rejected candidates standing for big national political parties and have given their votes to independent councillors who have no party axe to grind, just a desire to improve the lives of the people who live around here.

Independent candidates have been successful in Barnt Green, Hopwood and Alvechurch and they hope to continue that success on May 2 – and possibly even expand upon it into other parts of the Village area.

If you get chance, read and listen to what they have to say over the coming weeks and think about giving them your votes.

It’s got to be better to be represented by an independent, community minded villager than someone who will be told how to vote by their party.

Aahh . . . the birds are singing, the clocks are springing forward (to where they should remain, by the way) and households are hanging out their washing to dry in the fresh air.

For many of us, it is the best time of year as we shake the winter out of our bones and relish the chance to get into the garden and sort out the winter debris. For some, however, it brings out a smouldering menace . . . (click here).

We’ve said it before (this is our 200th issue, after all), so won’t labour the point for too long, but we’re living in the countryside where having bonfires has always been a way of life.

As long as nothing noxious is being burned, and you wait until dusk before lighting up, it can hardly be considered to be antisocial behaviour.

And one thing is for sure, by night time there won’t be any washing hanging out to spoil – or so you might expect.

An acquaintance of this magazine was saying the other day that he had been itching to get his bonfire going in Cofton Hackett, but on the previous two evenings he had been thwarted . . . by his neighbours leaving their washing out on the line all night!

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