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Village news or entertainment?

Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:58:04

Many years ago, my boss advised me to regard the BBC and ITV news programmes as entertainment. Likewise, The Village magazine is just as much fun.

First, in April’s letters section, John Ridarta wants to fine me £100,000 each time I have a bonfire; countered by your own excellent response that bonfires are a way of life.

Perhaps it‘s a good idea to think about wind direction before lighting up.

And then David Barton suggests it is wrong for the local butcher, baker and candlestick-maker to make planning decisions. He may prefer totalitarianism to democracy.

It is fine if you agree with the dictator, but not so if that decision-maker, sitting behind some desk in London, following his or her master’s diktat, differs from local needs. Democracy every day!

Then we have the perennial jibe at CALA Homes. Yes, they must obey public rights of way and unlock certain gates.

But instead of complaining about their balancing pond filling with rubbish, why not suggest they work with Rachel Banner to plant up pollinating plants around it? I’ll bet they will be cooperative.

And while on the subject of their development, why not welcome its new residents and give CALA an award for creating such a first-class development?

Last but not least, the 25th anniversary celebration of the Marlbrook Tip saga! If someone had planted trees all over it 20 years ago, by now we would have a wonderful extension to the woods on the Lickey Hills.

Instead the council has washed its hands of it by involving the Environment Agency.

I will not be around to celebrate the 50th anniversary. But surely, even now, to plant trees all over it would make the ground safe and create a more pleasant environment.

John Impey, Alvechurch

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