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We liked people parking outside our house

Posted on March 22 2007 at 2:43:39

We live on the end of Fiery Hill Road in Barnt Green, just past the station.

On Friday March 2 at 7.15am we were aware of large machinery outside our house removing paint markings from the road. We returned in the evening to find double yellow lines.

(We were unaware that any of this was going to happen although a neighbour informs me that our parish council chairperson, feels that there were notices placed on signposts.) 
We rarely park in front of our house on the road but we are perfectly happy for those using the station or going for walks up the Lickeys to park there. All day, every day – no problem.

Parking there has the benefit that the traffic is slowed. It was a natural break to the speed that vehicles pick up at they come down Fiery Hill. Today they are roaring past. My road is very much busier and consequently less safe.

It is not better. It has inconvenienced my neighbours who do park on the road. It has made those wanting to use the train think again because of the expense of parking in the station car park.

Why has this been done? Why were the residents not consulted? Please put the parking back. Please don’t give us speed bumps. They are awful – as anyone who has fragile passengers or fragile goods will tell you.

Now that the parking on Fiery Hill has been removed, we have a horrible suspicion that delivery trucks and buses will use our road more to avoid those wretched speed bumps in the village.

All bad news for the residents on lower Fiery Hill Road.

This has been a residential street for more than 100 years and is not the village centre. We need parking and we are happy for the rest of you to use it when we are not doing so.

We also require more efficient consultation on these changes that affect us very much.

A previous but recent issue also has me incensed. As you turn onto Fiery Hill Road, there is a field on the right and there was some rough hedgerow on the left.

This was a wildlife haven for hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and all manner of birds. It’s a rural and pleasant entrance.

Someone has arranged that this has been tidied up – we now have an ugly concrete and plastic erection and have lost the wildlife. Why? This is not an improvement.

These are probably the same people that sent the council workers to cut down the trees opposite my house. In 2005 we lost eight evergreens that we had planted. In 2006, we lost 15 buddleias. Again this is not helpful.

Now what we want, what we really, really want, is for the pedestrian sidewalk to be relaid. We have been here 17 years and the only thing that has ever happened to it is patchwork digging-up to fix sewers.

I have watched my aged neighbour struggle with his Zimmer, six-year-olds attempting to learn to ride bikes, pushchairs and wheelchairs all falling foul of this rotten pavement. It’s ugly, hazardous and looks scruffy.

At the station the puddle that forms on the sidewalk is so enormous that the rail passengers have to wade through it.

Stop annoying motorists and wildlife and actually help the pedestrians and residents in Barnt Green.

The Eggos, Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green

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