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Welcome Autumn

Posted on October 22 2008 at 12:20:22

Dawn Holloway of Alvechurch sent us the following poem.

Welcome Autumn

Autumn is upon us,
Artwork now unfolds,
Treasures as in colours,
replaced by reds and golds.
Unveiled for the season,
ebbs Summer’s pastel blues,
Silver flecks of frosty nights,
glittering the hues.
Tailwinds in a hurry,
throw whirling leaves around,
covering earth with softer linings,
to the footsteps that abound.

Dark nights in November,
Low suns during day,
All memories gone of Summer
and the ‘Merry Months of May’.
Bonfires ablaze and burning
Summer’s bountiful delights.
Baked potatoes in the oven,
to warm those long cold nights!

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