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What a rubbish system!

Posted on March 20 2007 at 2:51:39

For some reason known only to them, the binmen left our bags of rubbish on the pavement last Tuesday morning near the centre of Alvechurch.

When it was still there the next day, I used the Bromsgrove Council website facility to report the matter – which entailed logging on with lots of personal details, such as date of birth, etc – and received an incident number and assurance the matter would be looked into.

Then I waited for the rubbish, by now decaying before the eyes of the village, to be removed.

By Friday afternoon my wife had lost patience with my reassurances that the matter was in hand and rang Bromsgrove, to be told they knew nothing about it and it was now too late to do anything until the following week.

What is the point of having an incident-reporting system that is ignored? I suggest your readers do as my wife did and pick up the phone.

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