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What are we paying for?

Posted on October 21 2007 at 1:27:18

I feel it is time to complain regarding the refuse collection and security camera in Alvechurch.

Firstly the refuse collection, which seems to be a lottery over when and if is collected. For the past two months we have suffered a hit-and-miss situation: sometimes they collect, sometimes they do not, bins are often left out and in the streets for many days until a complaint is made to Bromsgrove Council.

I have personally telephoned the council and complained on ten occasions in the past two months. This is not the type of service we pay for in our Council Tax.

Secondly, the security camera on Bear Hill has been out of action for two months. Engineers have inspected the units but the lights still remain out; this means the camera can not be effective particularly on darker days or the evenings.

Come on council, give us what we pay for.

If you also feel the same way and have suffered the inconvenience of infrequent collections why not write to the council or telephone 01527 873232.

Saeed Ahari, Alvechurch Post Office

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