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When will people take pride in area?

Posted on September 19 2013 at 11:48:34

Living in the Barnt Green/ Lickey area, I appreciate the rural setting of our locality. However I cannot understand how residents with houses worth more than £500,000 cannot cut their hedges back from footpaths and keep their grass verges cut and in a neat condition.

Do they expect the county council to do it for them? They could be waiting a long time.

I live in a gated community in the area and we employ a gardener to keep our frontage clear of litter and the grass cut.

However, other residents on the road leave litter lying in the ditches and the grass banks and hedgerows are overgrown and never cut back.

In some instances I have seen branches and grass cuttings dumped on their verges by residents or gardeners.  

 When will people start to take a pride in and responsibility for the area in front of their house and not just their own house and garden behind their fence?

 What’s happened to the community spirit?

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