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Where are the small birds?

Posted on December 28 2018 at 12:46:59

I moved to Alvechurch just over a year ago and I really like The Village magazine. Now, as I’m keen to be involved with my local community, I thought I would tell you about something I’m experiencing: Where have all the small birds gone?

I know it sounds like a song, but it is the lack of song that I am concerned with! I have a good-sized garden and there are loads of trees and bushes in my neighbours’ gardens.

I have a pond, wildflower area, natural hedging, hedgehog shelter with resident hedgehog, and bespoke bird table.

But there is something missing. . . birds, small birds in particular, of any type! I have recorded, in the last four months, all the small birds I have seen in and around my garden. Total: three; a blackbird twice and, I think, a sparrow.

In the area there are magpies, jackdaws, pigeons, cats and rats. My neighbours on both sides have bird tables which they stock regularly.

You actually see the pigeons waiting for the food to be put out. They come down and the food gets scattered, which is great for the rats.

As for the cats, there are about four of them – but I have cleared a lot of the back hedge, so there is height to give the birds security and make it harder for the cats to creep up.

So there are possible reasons why the small birds may be missing from my garden, but everywhere I have ever lived there have been cats, magpies, crows, dogs and even those little creatures called small children in the garden, but there have always still been small birds around.

I would love to hear comments, ideas, suggestions, please!

Richard Page, Alvechurch

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