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Who would vote no to Plan?

Posted on January 29 2020 at 4:20:08

Elections can bring out the best and worse in people, not just politicians, and throw up a whole caboodle of surprises.

The General Election aside, I was delighted that the Lickey & Blackwell and Cofton Hackett Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 to 2030 (just rolls off the tongue) was agreed in December 2019.

But also staggered that more than 420 people, that’s 13 per cent of those who cast their vote, felt they couldn’t support it.

Bearing in mind that the preamble started in 2013 and there were consultations, open days, news articles, leaflets and films detailing all aspects of the NDP, why did so many decide it wasn’t for their area when the opportunity to have their say and contribute was endlessly encouraged?

Either they believed the NDP didn’t benefit them or the parishes, they didn’t know what this Referendum was all about (and I understand that many questioned the polling stations volunteers), or perhaps believed it was THE Second Brexit Referendum!

Although Bromsgrove District Council now only has to carry out a formal signing-off of the plan, as someone who played a minor role in its presentation, I’d be interested to learn the principal reasons for those errant pencilled Xs. Or, is that just democracy?

Keith Woolford,
Bemused of Lickey

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