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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

A chilly start to autumn

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Autumn seems to have started early this year. Daytime temperatures have been quite chilly with maximum temperatures only touching 20C on a couple of days.

Apart from the 1st couple of days of September, rainfall had fallen on every other day at some point as we went to press.

September 2017 (to the 20th)
Mean Max 17.3C   0.9 below average
Mean Min   9.1C   0.7 below average
Mean     13.3C   0.8 below average
Rainfall     46.3mm   76% of average
Sunshine 78.5 hrs 61% of average

August was also colder than normal, with a mean temperature of 15.9C, which is 0.6C below the 30-year mean. It was locally quite wet with 76mm of rain, or 146% of the 30-year mean.

That means the last two months of summer were poor in terms of pleasant summer days.

August 2017
Mean Max 20.3C 1.0 below average
Mean Min   11.3C   0.2 below average
Mean     15.9C   0.6 below average
Rainfall   76mm 146% of average
Sunshine 152.8 hrs 102% of average

A ridge of high pressure seems to be developing as September turns to October. Further on, the computer models point towards further cold days, and probably becoming more unsettled.

A few of the models are suggesting a slightly colder trend towards winter – it will probably be just wet and cold as normal.

The photo is from my holiday in Wales, where it was also rather wet!

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