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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Cold snap is short-lived

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first seven days of December followed the bland November trend. Following an Atlantic blocking anticyclone on the 13th, very cold air was brought across the UK. These words are very much the same as December last year.

The difference this year is that the Atlantic weather systems have more energy and power and will prevail into a third month after only a brief spell of cold weather. It’s looking like December’s mean temperature will be well above the local value.

December 2018 (to the 18th)
Mean Max  9C  1.9 above average
Mean Min   3.4C   1.9 above average
Mean        6.2C    1.9 above average
Rainfall   57.7mm   83% of average
Sunshine  36.7 hrs  75% of average

November was a mild month with a mean temperature of 7.9C, which is 1.2C above the local mean. March was the last month this year with a near normal average temperature, the rest being above normal.

The end of the month saw a return to more seasonable temperatures. Rainfall was slightly below average, only 60.6mm (78%).

November 2018
Mean Max  10.7C  0.9 above average
Mean Min   5.2C   1.6 above average
Mean       7.9C    1.2 above average
Rainfall     60.6mm   78% of average
Sunshine  69.8 hrs  110% of average

Autumn 2018 (Sept, Oct, Nov)
Mean Max  14.4C  0.5 above average
Mean Min   7.0C   0.5 above average
Mean       10.7C    0.5 above average
Rainfall     159.6mm   70% of average
Sunshine  322.9 hrs  115% of average

The most likely scenario for the end of the year is for periodically unsettled Atlantic weather to move across the UK from the west.

However, there is an increased likelihood that mild conditions will be short-lived and a colder and more showery northerly or northwesterly regime will become established.

Through the first half of January, there is an increasing likelihood of colder-than-average conditions with potential overnight frost and fog, as well as some snow.

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Above: Last December’s snow