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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Could winter still bite?

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

January, at least up until the 18th, was a very bland month from a weather point of view with little in the way of any extremes. Rainfall was very low; only 7.7mm, and only a tiny fraction of the winter wind and rain we normally expect.

Although a slightly colder weather pattern began to appear towards the end of the month, the temperatures for January overall will probably end up being fairly near normal.

January 2018 (to the 18th)
Mean Max 7.6C 0.9 above average
Mean Min   2.1C   0.9 above average
Mean     4.8C   0.9 above average
Rainfall   7.7mm   11% of average
Sunshine 32.4 hrs 64% of average

The first seven days of December followed the bland November trend. Following an anticyclone on the 13th, very cold air was brought across the UK.

However, from the 16th onwards the month ended with mild grey conditions, leading to a mean maximum of 6.7C, which is 2.4C above the local 30-year mean.

December 2018
Mean Max 9.3C 2.2 above average
Mean Min   4.1C   2.6 above average
Mean     6.7C   2.4 above average
Rainfall   109.6mm 158% of average
Sunshine 56.1 hrs 115% of average

Yearly Means 2018
Mean Max 14.5C 0.8 above average
Mean Min   6.6C   0.8 above average
Mean     10.6C   0.8 above average
Rainfall   734.5mm   97% of average
Sunshine 1541.7 hrs 123% of average

Met Office computer models seem to predict cold and sometimes very cold weather for the extended outlook.

It will be changeable though, with spells of strong winds and rain, turning to snow at times. Overnight frosts will be common and widespread.

Snow will mainly affect higher ground in the north, but there will be a higher risk than usual of snow at lower levels, even in the south.

With easterly winds predominating, the driest and brightest weather is likely in the northwest.

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