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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Frosts after a mild start

Posted on November 27 2017 at 11:59:18 0 comments

Sunset in Alvechurch

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

November started off as quite a mild month, with only a few ground frosts (grass frost). The second half of the month then turned drier and colder with some air frosts.

Rainfall was also quite low at 32.9mm, considering November is normally a wet and windy month.

November 2017 (to the 17th)
Mean Max 11.1C   1.3 above average
Mean Min   4.3C   0.7 above average
Mean     7.7C   1.0 above average
Rainfall     32.9mm   42% of average
Sunshine 46.3 hrs 73% of average

October was much milder than would be expected, with a mean temperature of 12.4C, well above the local mean.

The second part of the month was very stormy. First we had ex-hurricane Ophelia on the 16th, with gale force winds of more than 40mph.

The 21st also had a normal autumn storm, Brian, again with winds over 40mph locally. With only 32.6mm of rainfall, October was much drier than normal.

October 2017
Mean Max 15.7C 1.8 above average
Mean Min   9.2C   2.8 above average
Mean     12.4C   2.3 above average
Rainfall   32.6mm 36% of average
Sunshine 96.8 hrs 105% of average

Looking towards Christmas, computer models are finely balanced at the present. A large area of high pressure may develop into the central Atlantic, resulting in a more northerly, colder airstream.

This high pressure is at present producing a battle zone of cold to the north and milder air to the south. The dividing line is presently across the centre of the UK, so it may lead to a colder December with more wintry conditions.

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