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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Mild and stormy month

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

October was very much milder than would be expected with a mean temperature of 13.3C, which is well above the local mean.

The second part of the month was very stormy. First we had ex-hurricane Ophelia on the 16th, with gale force winds of 40mph plus. Saturday the 21st also had a normal autumn storm, Brian – again with winds over 40mph locally.

The sky took on a strange sepia colour during the morning of the 16th. This was due to the southerly airstream bringing dust and smoke from Portuguese wild fires.

October 2017 (to the 22nd)
Mean Max 16.4C   2.5 above average
Mean Min   10.1C   3.7 above average
Mean     13.3C   3.2 above average
Rainfall     28.3mm   31% of average
Sunshine 64.9 hrs 70% of average

September was a wet month with 96.6mm of rainfall, 159% of the 30-year local mean. Sunshine levels were also poor at 104.5 hours, only 83% of the local mean.

September was colder than the local mean, following on from August’s below-average temperature.

September 2017
Mean Max 17.5C 0.7 below average
Mean Min   9.7C   0.1 above average
Mean     13.6C   0.3 below average
Rainfall   96.6mm 159% of average
Sunshine 104.5 hrs 83% of average

The outlook into November is changeable with wind and rain for most. Computer models still seem to point towards a colder period of weather, but the jet stream is still to the north of the UK.

This results in a changeable west or south-westerly airstream with wind and rain.