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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Mild autumn. . . for now

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

October was quite mild, at least up until the 19th, with a mean temperature of 12.5C which is 2.4C above the local mean. After a quiet start to the month the weather turned stormy – there was a gust of 45mph on the 12th.

It was also very wet from the 12th to 15th, with 39.2mm making up most of the month’s rainfall.

October 2018 (to the 19th)
Mean Max  16.3C  2.4 above average
Mean Min   8.8C   2.4 above average
Mean        12.5C    2.4 above average
Rainfall   44.4mm   49% of average
Sunshine  53.7 hrs  58% of average

September had a warm start with temperatures into the 20s but cooled down later into the month. The mean of 13.9C was exactly the local mean for this month. There was a marked change from the 17th with winds including a gust of 43mph locally.

Rainfall was 49.8mm, only 82% of the local mean, however no rainfall was recorded over the last seven days.

September 2018
Mean Max  18.4C  0.2 above average
Mean Min   9.4C  0.2 below average
Mean       13.9C     exactly average
Rainfall     49.8mm   82% of average
Sunshine  127.2 hrs 101% of average.

Computer models suggest that dry and brighter conditions are likely. Temperatures are expected to be around average by day, but some frost and perhaps patchy fog is possible overnight. More widely unsettled conditions could develop into November, bringing spells of wet and windy weather.

There are signs that high pressure may build across northern areas towards the end of this period, bringing a greater likelihood of drier weather and also overnight frost and fog. On the whole temperatures are likely to be slightly below normal.

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